#Undress...Sayless™ It's important to look good with your clothes on but what about when you take them off? Introducing....Garcon Manique' Brand®

Garcon Manique' Brand®-(pronounced GARR-sawn MAH-neek) is a line of fashion underwear apparel. The name Garcon Manique' simply means BOY (MA.)DE- U.(NIQUE') aka Tomboi.  The focus of our line is a women's sports bra & 6 inch brief set. This set is catered to today's "on the go" woman or anyone who just wants to relax in comfort.  Our briefs are gender fluid, so guys can wear them too.

Our story goes back to 2005 when our CEO noticed how challenging it was to find a sports bra that had a matching brief with length instead of a panty/thong. Fast forward to today we have Garcon Manique' Brand® (GMB).

Why choose Garcon Manique'?

When you shop with us, you’ll see the GMB difference. We focus on providing our customers a high quality product with an affordable price. For the best results: COLD WATER, DELICATE CYCLE. AIR DRY OR LAY FLAT (NO HEAT). This helps our products to maintain their fit after each wash.

  • We have a range of high quality sports bras, briefs, socks and other merch.
  •  Products that are not always in brick-and-mortar stores.
  •  Fast and friendly customer support.
  • And of course…competitive prices


#Undress.. Sayless™